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by Dr George McGavin

ISBN: 9781406328738
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Format: Hardback
Page Content: 12
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Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs

Whether you love them or hate them, everyone is fascinated by bugs! A wonderfully creepy picture book where thrilling crawlies spring from the pages, burst out from behind flaps and hide under tabs, inviting budding entomologists to delight in the mind-boggling variety of arthropod life.

Dr George McGavin offers you a chance to marvel at the inside of a cockroach's body to see how it works, or open up a wasps' nest to see what's inside, who wouldn't relish such a phenomenon!

Find out why the world needs bees or which beetle is the strongest and much, much more! Have the bug world at your finger tips and bring it to life with pages and pages of beautifully illustrated and crafted Bugs!