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How To Go Plastic Free

How To Go Plastic Free
ISBN: 9781787391963
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Format: Paperback
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Packed with simple and practical ways to start reducing the amount of plastic you use, How to Go Plastic Free will show you how to eliminate plastic from your life, one step at a time. With 100 easy-to-follow tips championing the plastic-free cause, this is the stress-free, guilt-free guide to:

Getting started simply

Plastic-free eating and drinking

Maintaining the lifestyle you love, without plastic

Shopping responsibly and resourcefully

Creative ways to phase plastic out of your life

From consuming zero plastic to producing our own weight in plastic every year, the last 100 years have seen global plastic usage reach epic proportions. The devastating impact this has had on our planet is clear, and so is the solution: to go plastic free. But with a plastic habit this bad, how can we give it up?