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Whether you're thinking of going vegan, want to know how to recycle more, or just want to make a random act of kindness, we have the books to help make the world a better place

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How To Go Plastic Free
Packed with simple and practical ways to start reducing the amount of plastic you use, How to Go ..
The Good Bee
Bees are our most loyal ally. These fascinating, enigmatic creatures are a key lynchpin in the wo..
Green Housekeeping
Saving the planet for future generations is a laudable aim, but what about the current populace? ..
How To Balance Your Life
Achieving a sense of equilibrium and inner peace can prove elusive when so many demands and respo..
Holistic Spaces
Transform your home into a calm, balanced and harmonious oasis using architect Anjie Cho s helpfu..
How to Go Meat Free
With 100 easy-to-follow tips championing the meat-free cause, How to Go Meat Free is the stress-f..
Planting for Honeybees
Of the 25,000 known species of bee worldwide, only seven species are honeybees. Bees and plan..
The Bee Book
This charming illustrated non-fiction picture book takes you on an amazing journey through the wo..
All You Need is Less
We live such busy lives, rushing from one thing to the next, that we barely give ourselves time t..
Inspired by Nature
Celebrated art director and stylist Hans starts off by discussing the essential components of a w..
Go Wild
The great outdoors is the beating heart of our world, but modern life is pulling us ever further ..
Crystal Clear
Whether you want to wow your boss, meet your soulmate, develop self-confidence or keep calm in a ..
Vegan London
From bangers ‘n’ mash to banh mi, London has one of the most eclectic vegan food scenes in the wo..
The Usborne Woodland Book
A beautifully illustrated guide to the wildlife, plants, history and magic of woodlands. Chi..
World of the Whale
Graceful and serene, intelligent and social, the whale is a wonder of the deep blue sea. And yet,..
The Sea Book
Featuring fascinating fishy facts accompanied by bright, bold, and beautiful illustrations, this ..
Simple Acts to Save our Planet
Simple Acts to Save Our Planet shows you how to be more active in saving our planet every da..
Simple Acts to Change the World
Take a stand, support the causes you believe in, and spark positive change in the world - revolut..
F*ck Plastic
Is the thought of the 51 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans keeping you up at night? Don't ..