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Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist
Two B's or not two B's, that is the question. And by two B's we mean Books and Booze. If your ans..
The Curious Bartender
Preparing a first-class cocktail relies upon a deep understanding of its ingredients, the delicat..
99 Bottles of Beer
This is a slipcase of 3 journals perfect for recording beer tasting notes. For the increasing num..
Gone With The Gin
"Gone with the Gin" is the go-to gift for film buffs, a terrific twist on movie nights, and the p..
The Homebrew Handbook
Rise-up against the watery, wimpish beers you generally find on store shelves and produce your ow..
The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches
Recipes, Trivia and for Everything Between Sliced Bread The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches is a m..
Old Man Drinks - Recipes
Dozens of books exist about sexy drinks: the Cosmo, Sex on the Beach, Buttery Nipple. But what ab..
Dinner with Mr Darcy
Any Elizabeth Bennet wannabe would not be complete without Dinner with Mr Darcy.  All di..
Wild Cocktails from the Midnight Apothecary
Lottie Muir is the creator of the Midnight Apothecary pop-up cocktail bar, set in a roof garden i..
Drink More Whiskey
'Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whiskey is barely enough.' Mark Twain This..
How to Make Bread
How to Make Bread is the perfect gift for anyone wanting to bake some bread.  Today, peo..
Patisserie at Home
If you’ve ever dreamed of being able to conjure up the mouthwatering pastries you’ve enjoyed in a..
Gin the Mood
Ah gin, how we love you. Lifter of spirits, enhancer of vibes, reliever of stress and instigator ..
The Really Hungry Student Cookbook
Whether you need sustenance for your late-night study session or want to bake your new best frien..
Baking Hacks
Have you ever experienced the heart-wrenching grief of a brownie stuck to its tin? Does..
Hangover Food
Overdid it on the G&Ts? Went a bit too big at your friend’s birthday? Did “one swift beer aft..
Vegan Pantry
This comprehensive and inspiring cookery book is ideal for anyone starting out on their vegan jou..
Are You There God? It's Me, Margarita
This much anticipated follow-up to Tequila Mockingbird features a roundup of fifty all-..
Super Fresh Juices and Smoothies
There is no comparison between home-produced juices and mass-produced ones - with homemade drinks..
Using clever substitutes and ingenious baking methods, Hannah Miles has created a selection of de..
The Salad Bowl
Take inspiration from countries all around the globe and whip up hearty sal..
Gentlemen's Relish
The recipe for Gentleman's Relish has remained a secret since it was first invented by John Osbor..
The Pocket Homebrew Handbook
Following the explosion of interest in properly brewed beer, "The Pocket Ho..
Plant-based Paleo
Sources say that before our ancestors learned to hunt, they ate a raw diet ..
Party-Perfect Bites
A mouthwatering collection of recipes for small bites and fingerfood - ideal for serving at parti..