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Man of the World
by Gareth May

Man of the World
ISBN: 9780224086752
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Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 240x230mm
Page Content: 288
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There comes a time in most young men's lives when, their education completed, they decide to spread their wings and travel to foreign climes.

From international dining etiquette to the safe ascension of Kilimanjaro, and surviving a shark attack to cooling cans of beer in the Savanna sun, Gareth's simple and brilliantly executed new book is a must-have for the modern man setting off, passport in hand, for the first time.

Covering every possible travel scenario - from must visit nudist colonies, to tips on how to organise the ultimate stag weekend abroad; from where to experience the most exhilarating white water raft run in the world, to how to get married by an Elvis-lookalike in Vegas. Never before has a book listed how to read global currency rates on one page, and how to drink snake blood in Cambodia on the next.

With comprehensive cool city guides for the young dude and the most unexpected travel tips you're likely to read anywhere, armed with Man of the World in their backpack, blokes everywhere will be able not only to woo their woman in Paris but also tip the bellboy accordingly.

This is the ultimate tailored for testosterone travel guide.