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Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom
by Millie Marotta

Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom
ISBN: 9781849941679
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Format: Paperback
Page Content: 96
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Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom

Millie Marotta is a hugely popular illustrator and her idiosyncratic drawings of the world's wonderful creatures will draw you in. Millie's Animal Kingdom offers a range of beautiful illustration on quality paper to personalise and make your own.

The artist's intricate style of illustration will get you itching for a pen, whether it's to add to the fine line hatching on the birds, the flowing tendrils of a jellyfish, or the composite of flowers that make up a grizzly bear. The work will inspire you to appreciate the detail of line drawing and its huge potential.

You can colour her work or add your own line drawings to make it special to you. Add your own patterns to the lively forest scene, choose your own birds to add to the branches, or make a pattern with your colour choices. Each picture offers scope to improve your artistic skills while giving you a finished picture to show for your endeavours. The images and imaginative scenarios can be completed in colours of your choosing and are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing. It is a book to be enjoyed by anyone who wants to enjoy the creative process.