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Where's Trump?
by Catris, Anastasia

Where's Trump?
ISBN: 9781409167730
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Format: Hardback
Page Content: 32
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"Winners aren't losers!'

Can you spot the Donald?

In an array of crowded scenes, from building a wall around Mexico to carving his face into Mount Rushmore, at a Trump wrestling match, a golf course in Scotland and having fun at a Tea Party rally, search for Donald J. Trump amongst the masses. 

With tons of in-jokes and bonus material to find (including Obama's birth certificate and his trademark toupee), plus cameo appearances from Sarah Palin and other high-flying pals, this book provides hours of fun for the haters (and lovers) of the all-American phenomenon that is TRUMP.

A classic and fun gift book, tracking Trump around the world will be endless amusement for all the family."